In 2015, a group of dedicated parents and teachers joined together to create a Waldorf inspired charter school. We partnered with the Bonsall and Mt. Empire School Districts in order to offer an educational model to students who typically could not attend a Waldorf school. 

After three years, we decided to leave the charter world. In the Fall of 2018, we embarked upon a private enrichment center. 

Throughout these five years, we have truly learned the meaning of what a willow represents: the flexibility of the willow’s branches inspires us to move with life, rather than resist what we are feeling, and can also help you to let go of conditioned responses to life’s experiences and to move towards a greater acceptance of self and others. 

The willow is one of the few trees that can bend in outrageous poses without snapping. The message here is to adjust with life rather than fight it.

In all, the willow reminds us to take heed of this lesson: Keep growing and reaching higher no matter where you are planted. The willow has an ability to not only survive, but to thrive in some of the most challenging conditions. We have overcome many obstacles in our first five years and we are excited to take on more and continue to grow. 

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to educate the child while unfolding their potential as a whole and unique human being. Friends of Willow Tree is a place where children experience the joy of learning in an environment rich in challenging academic programs and active community involvement. While upholding high standards for personal responsibility, students are encouraged to explore the world around them and to have the courage to take risks. The Friends of Willow Tree community nurtures each child’s innate inquisitiveness and ingenuity, while ensuring that their confidence keeps pace with their capabilities.

Our goal is to inspire a passion for learning and create a space that integrates the child’s use of thinking, feeling, and willing through a well-rounded education.